Anne's Statement:

​It seems to me that all of our problems, tragedies, difficulties, and crises are opportunities to be sprinkled or doused with spiritual fertilizer.  Thus, our roots multiply and go deeper into the living water, our branches expand upwards to God and sideways to others and some crisscross toward the center and have to be painfully but necessarily pruned to re-direct them outwards.  Our leaves take on a healthy glow for all to see and beckon others to the Lord.  Our bark becomes denser, as armor against sin and temptation.  Have you thanked the Lord lately for this healthy, invigorating, nourishing treatment? 

My work is for those who want eclectic, unique, quirky, functional or non-functional art.  It's all about whatever pops into my head or peeks out from my memory, like fish and turtles from my years in the Keys.  I also learn new subjects, like this unique hand painted antique oak Egyptian chair I recently completed under commission for a special client.  The paint is acrylic, with a canvas seat, gold leaf and carnelian beads hanging from the back.  It has a ceramic sun on top of the bird. View collections of all my works on my 'Galleries' page.  I'd love to create something special for you!

Anne Darr, a Florida Keys resident from 1961 through 1987, has re-established her studio in Nokomis, Florida.  Anne's first experience with clay came in grade school and in high school, instilling within her a strong desire to become proficient in the field of pottery and sculpture.  Her desire has continued to grow and expand through the years.  Anne's skills and techniques have been honed through study, workshops conducted by well-known potters, and hands-on experience in numerous studios. A college art professor (aptly named "Turtle Tom") stated that Anne had the equivalent of a Master's Degree in ceramics when he viewed her unique creations.  She has expanded her artistic endeavors into the field of fine art, like this  painting of a beautiful sunset on Casey Key.  Her complete gallery of works in pottery, painted tiles, sculptures, jewelry and furniture can be seen on my 'Galleries' page above.

Anne, with her husband Joe, creates custom marine canvas works at her other enterprise "Custom Canvas".  Click                  to view that site.

Anne Darr ​Fine Arts and Crafts