I love to design, hand paint, and upholster very unique and eye-catching chairs that I can replicate for you, or I can create a special one for you on commission.  I craft these with love and a special passion.  See a few of my creations on my                                       gallery.

I design unique and sure-to-arouse-attention jewelry, including rings and pendants made from pure silver and gemstones that you can examine on my                                       gallery.

For unique Raku pottery (Raku is pronounced 'rah-coo') and sculptures that will surely impress your family and friends, be sure to browse my                                                gallery.

For beautiful hand painted and sculptured ceramic tiles that enhance the décor in your home or office, please take a look at my creations on my                                               gallery.

I offer works in a variety of media and artistic expressions.  If your interest is fine art, I offer collages, pastels, watercolors and monoprints on my                                               gallery.

Anne Darr ​Fine Arts and Crafts